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Roboplast partnered with ITACA in 2016 and since then has been involved in numerous exciting projects.

Roboplast is a leading Italian designer and producer of high-quality thermoformed sustainable packaging and extruded PET Film. The company offers customized plastic packaging solutions with emphasis on fresh food and pre-packaged foods.

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Roboplast specializes in the extrusion of plastic PET film and customized thermoforming of plastic packaging in different materials (PET, PP, OPS, PS, PLA).

The company works for many large international corporations, providing solutions for the construction of containers and plastic packaging for various sectors such as food processing, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

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Since 2012 they have been international, with one factory in Italy and another in Poland.

Roboplast’s  flexibility, daily scheduling and high production capacity ensure their customers a unique service with minimal waiting times.

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